Become a Presenter

Important Dates


Submit a Proposal

If you would like to present, start by submitting a proposal. You will need the following: presentation type, short/long descriptions, keywords, focus, themes, and biographical information.

View our Step-by-Step Guide to submitting a presentation proposal.


Review Timeline

After we receive your presentation proposal, it moves to the evaluation step. Our review committee will send you notifications about the status of acceptance.



Once your proposal is accepted, you must register before our Program Development team can schedule your presentation.

View our Step-by-Step Guide to the registration process.

Information for Presenters

We look forward to seeing you in London, UK, September 06-08, 2021! In the meantime, the information provided below will help you prepare for the conference and your presentation.

Registration and Session Confirmation:

To confirm your presentation, you must register by 6th September, 2021 .


Please note:Your session is not confirmed until you are registered to attend. If you are not registered by 6th September, 2021 , your session will be placed on the waitlist. We appreciate presenters doing their part to meet Aging & Gerontology-2021 session requirements and registration deadlines.

Before the Conference:

Presentation Materials

If you do need to supply printed information during conference, plan to print your materials in advance and bring them to the conference.

Please note:Aging & Gerontology-2021 does not print and distribute presentation materials.

Update your Professional Information

Aging & Gerontology-2021 will use your professional information (name, degree(s), title and organization) in the conference program book. Double check to be sure that your info is complete and up-to-date to ensure you are accurately listed.

Add your bio and headshot

Attendees will be able to view your bio/CV and picture before the conference via our online Agenda.

Review your schedule

Please refer to the email we sent directly to you or use Agenda to review your presentation schedule. If you have any conflicts, be sure to contact us immediately. While we may not be able to meet specific time requests we will make every effort to schedule sessions during times that are convenient for you. Each presenter has the responsibility to inform our conference staff of any scheduling restrictions that you may have.

Poster Presentations:

Please carry the printed poster for the conference. Aging & Gerontology-2021 does not print and distribute presentation materials.

Travel and Hotel Accommodations:

You are responsible for making your travel and hotel arrangements to attend the conference. You can book your accommodation with us. Please visit the registration page where you can book your accommodation.

Please contact our co-ordinator to know details of accommodation booking (