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Slavica Jankovic

Polytechnic Lavoslav Ružička Vukovar, Croatia


I'm Slavica Janković. I was born and still live in Vukovar, Croatia. I studied physiotherapy at the University of Health Studies in Zagreb and Sarajevo and defended my doctoral dissertation on the topic "Assessment of the effectiveness of Tae Bo exercises on the quality of life of people with osteoporosis" in 2017. I am currently in a teaching and research position as a tenured professor of physiotherapy at the College of Health Studies "Lavolsav Ružička"  in Vukovar and the College of Physiotherapy in Ivanić-Grad. 

I have published 43 professional and scientific papers in the field of rheumatology and I co-authored 4 teaching manuals and monographs and one university textbook in the field of rheumatology. I actively participate in research conferences related to physiotherapy in Croatia and the broader region. 80 undergraduate and  24 graduate students completed their thesis requirements under my mentoriship. 

I constructed a curriculum and championed a novel study program in Croatia that focuses on prothetics, orthotics and robotics in physiotherapy. The program is currently implemented at the College in Ivanić - Gradu and for that effort I received an award for promoting and advancing science. I am a big fan of sports activities, and I practice kickboxing recreationally and lead a specialized type of Tae Bo exercise program that is geared toward general population and aimed at treating and preventing osteoporosis. I am a proud mother of son Jakov.

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