Aubrey de Grey
Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, USA
Title: Rejuvenation Biotechnology: Why Age may Soon Cease to Mean Aging

Steven A.Garan
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Title: The Aging Process and Silicon Valley Quest for longevity

Paul A. Spiegel
Founder & Principal, Eclectic Law, USA
Title: Cryonics: Better Marketing for Modern Society

Alvaro Macieira-Coelho
French National Institute of Health, France
Title: Why do we age?

Nuno Ricardo Martins
University of California Berkeley, USA
Title: Nanotechnology and Aging Research

Kareaion Eaton
Department of Physical Therapy,University of South Alabama, USA
Title: Bladder Control and Aging: The Neurogenic Bladder and Associated Voiding Dysfunctions in Older Adults

Jennifer A. Smith
University of Michigan, United States
Title: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Epigenetic Age Acceleration is Associated with Hypertensive Target Organ Damage in Older African Americans

Edwin Cabigao
Northern California, USA
Title: Mentorship through leadership: The Heart that strengthens Aging Care Management

Dorthe Stenvold
Associate Professor at CERG, Norway
Title: The effect of one year of exercise training on cardiometabolic riskfactors in older adults

Hagay Amir
Loewenstein Hospital, Israel
Title: The Formation of a Protocol for Secondary Prevention of Hip Fractures in the Elderly,in the Rehabilitation Department

Dr.Jan Vane
University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic
Title: Age or Environment? What Is Determinative In How Homeless People Spend Their Time After The Age Of 55?

Luciana Dadalto
Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil
Title: The Right To Voluntary Discontinuation Of Aging: A Global Perspective

Farzaneh Daghigh
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, United States
Title: In Pursuit Of Wellbeing As We Age

Carolina Carvalho Bolsoni
Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Title: Dimensions of violence against the elderly and health conditions: a population-based study in southern Brazil

Canan Birimoglu Okuyan
Hatay Mustafa Kemal University
Title: Evaluation of the health profile of the elderly people: a nursing home study.

Hamza Malik Okuyan
Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey
Title: Recent Advances in the understanding of Molecular Mechanisms of Osteoarthritis

Dr.Ping Hu
Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, China
Title: Dkk3 dependent transcriptional activation of age related skeletal muscle atrophy

S.Asha Devi
Bangalore University, India
Title: Grape Seeds and Exercise for the Aging Brain: An approach towards Cortical Neuronal Protection and Cognitive Performance in Rats

Ayelet Dunsky
The Academic College at Wingate, Israel
Title: The Effect Of A Stability And Coordination Training Program On Risk Of Falls In Older Adults With Cardiovascular Disease

Dadová Klára
Charles University, Czech Republic
Title: Effect of 4-Month Exercise Training and Omega-3 Supplementation on the Level of Depression Symptoms in Elderly Women

Hadeel Halaweh
Al-Quds University, Palestine
Title: Implications of Active Aging on Aging Well: Mixed-Methods Quantitative-Qualitative Study

Domini Bingham
University College London, United Kingdom
Title: Advancing holistic learning and wellbeing for older workers

Indrani Chakravarty
Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, India
Title: A Gerontological Study in the Indian Socio-economic panorama: towards a Graceful Ageing

Dr.James L Geiger
Medical Advisory Panel, USA
Title: Anesthesia Implications of the Use of Essential Oils in Alzheimer's Dementia

Elaine Jurkowski
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA
Title: Policies for an Aging and Ability Impaired Society: Policy and Program Planning for Older Adults and People with Disabilities, Realities and Visions

Caterina A. Zaiontz
IES c/o Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy
Title: Effectiveness of Animal Assisted Interventions on Depression, Anxiety and Illness Perception in institutionalized elderly: A randomized controlled study

Deborah Santana Pereira
University of Ceará, Brazil
Title: Quality of life and the health status of elderly persons: a population-based study in the central sertăo of Ceará

Di Giulio Camillo
University of Chieti Pescara, Italy
Title: Carotid Body as a model for aging studies: the hypoxia-hyperoxia aging interaction

Matthew CL Phillips
Waikato Hospital, New Zealand
Title: Ketogenic diet therapies in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease

Naznin Esphani
Anne Arundel Medical Center, Unversity of Maryland School of Medicine, USA

Jose Cordeiro
Director of Millennium Project, Member of the World Academy of Art and Science, Spain
Title: The Death of Death

Hiromi Watanabe
Toyo University, Japan
Title: Ensuring social care services and supportive family care in aging Japan

Helio Bernardi
University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Title: Telemedicine in the manegement of Osteoporosis in Brazil

Roger E. Thomas
University of Calgary, Canada
Title: Effects of Cold Temperatures on Inceasing the Incidence of Respiratory Infections Especially in Those ≥ 65: Systematic Review

Hsuan-Yu Chen
Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Title: Precision medicine approaches for Alzheimer's disease: early detection and progression control

Kyoung Hag Lee
Wichita State University, United States
Title: The Role of Information and Communication Technology Use on Social Support and Life Satisfaction

Jung Sim Jun
Kansas State University, United States
Title: The Role of Information and Communication Technology Use on Social Support and Life Satisfaction

Crisieli Maria Tomeleri
Londrina State University, Brazil
Title: Effects of resistance training on inflammatory biomarkers in Sarcopenic obesity elderly women: a randomized controlled trial

Kimberly A. Greer
Prairie View A&M University, United States
Title: Development of Canis familiaris as a model of human aging

Natalia Edel
Verba Mayr Academy, Russia
Title: The hidden roles of fructose in metabolism and aging

Estefania Guisado-Fernandez
University College Dublin, Ireland
Title: Caregivers Attitudes and Adherence towards a Connected Health Platform for Dementia Home Care

Veronika Piskovatska
University hospital Halle, Germany
Title: Intraoperative hemofilatration for removal of circulating advanced glycation end-products – potential influence on inflammation and aging

Alessandra Coin
University of Padova, Italy
Title: The possible role of Nutraceuticals in delirium prevention

Carmen Gloria Burgos Videla
University of Atacama, Chile
Title: The indicators of creativity in older adults as a possibility to reduce the loss of memory and active social insertion

Gorete Reis Pereira
University of Évora, Portugal
Title: Nursing home residents (in)dependence: the role of falls, intrinsic and extrinsic factors

Catarina Pereira
University of Évora, Portugal
Title: Using the new stepping-forward affordance perception test (SF-APT) to identify community-dwelling older adults at high risk of falling and of recurrent falling

Michal Elboim-Gabyzon
University of Haifa, Israel
Title: Expansion of the current conceptual model of frailty

Nídia Maria Dias Azinheira Rebelo Braz
University of Algarve, Portugal
Title: Caring for quality ageing

Jane Simpson
Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Title: A Pilot Evaluation of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Pre-Manifest Individuals with the Huntington’s disease Gene– Findings at One Year

Emre Senol-Durak
Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey
Title: Re-experiencing symptoms in the older adults exposed to an exile long years ago: A Qualitative Research