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Aubrey de Grey

President & CSO, LEV Foundation, USA

Title: Taking Rejuvenation to Longevity escape velocity

Matthew Freeman

Viva Positiva Ltd, UK

Title: Positive Psychology for a positive future

Claudio de Lucia

Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University, USA

Title: Loss of beta-arrestin 1 leads to cardio-renal dysfunction with aging

Slavica Jankovic

Polytechnic Lavoslav Ružička Vukovar, Croatia

Title: Should the limits of the exercise of people with osteoporosis?

Sara Tóth

Dance Therapist, Hungary

Title: The healing effect of the dance for the elderly ( The dance is for everyone)

Girija P C

AWH Special College, Kerala, India

Title: The Cognitive demapping of words with age: An expoloratory study through lexical decision task

Nadine Changfoot

Trent University, Canada

Title: Decolonizing Methodology in Aging Vitalities Research Creation: Partnership, Dissonance, Refusals, Renewals, Systems Change

Carmen Mendoza Griego

Walden University, USA

Title: Effects of Acculturative Stress on Mental/Physical Health of Immigrant Mexican Women

Beres Maria

Montessori special educator, Hungary

Title: I want something else! - even for the elderly! Application of the BM Montessori method among people with dementia

Sandra Hundza

University of Victoria, B.C., Canada

Title: Cognitive Performance differentially moderates the association between gait velocity and fall risk

Ashley Morgan

McMaster University, Canada

Title: High-intensity interval or circuit-based strength training effects on physical and cognitive functioning for community-dwelling older adults: A systematic review

Georgios Mitrou

Integrated Health Systems (IHS), Greece

Title: TBA

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